Top 10 Retail Cloud Solution Companies - 2016
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Top 10 Retail Cloud Solution Companies - 2016

Cloud plays the role of an 'enabler' in the retail ecosystem, where customers are at the focal point of businesses. The technology is helping retailers to establish better relationship with existing customers and attract new ones, by identifying individual customer preferences, behaviors and offering them personalized shopping experiences.

The hosted services on cloud provide unabated cost benefits and business innovation to businesses. By capturing, managing, protecting and analyzing the ever-expanding collection of customer data through cloud, the retailers can benefit in a multitude of ways. This is prompting both online and offline retailers to leverage cloud based CRM systems and POS systems, as an efficient way to manage their businesses. Competition with online pure-plays and customer demand for a seamless experience will ultimately trigger increasingly faster adoption rates for cloud in the global retail sector.

In this scenario, to assist CIOs in understanding the latest trends and navigating the cloud solutions landscape, Retail CIO Outlook presents a special edition on cloud solution providers. The companies featured in this issue have exhibited vast knowledge and in-depth expertise in delivering cloud based solutions.

A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, analysts, and the Retail CIO Outlook's editorial board has selected the top players from the competitive field of cloud solutions. The listing provides a look into how these solutions alleviate the challenges pertaining to cloud adoption and how they help the clients stay one step ahead of the competition.

Retail CIO Outlook presents to you Top 10 Retail Cloud Solution Provides 2016.

Top Retail Cloud Solution Companies

Business partner offering strategy consulting and custom software solutions.

Provider of the industry’s leading advanced guest Wi-Fi platform for delivering superior mobile experiences, while gaining valuable customer insights

Provider of cloud-based commerce technology.

Provides a cloud platform to predict and mitigate Out-of-Stock.

Provider of a suite of web and mobile apps for managing and selling products more economically, creatively, and efficiently

Provider of Windows and Android enabled, cloud-based point of sale solution for retail businessed.

Provider of cloud based management platform designed for multi-store, multi channel retailers.

SPS Commerce offer cloud-based supply chain management solutions providing integrations and comprehensive retail performance analytic.

Provider of cloud-based and services to retail, Internet of Things and other connected technology industries.

A cloud-based platform provider for managing, publishing and syndicating rich product information across retail sites globally