Springboard Retail: Intelligent Platform for Retailers by Retailers

Springboard Retail: Intelligent Platform for Retailers by Retailers

Gordon Russell, Co-founder and CEO, Springboard RetailGordon Russell, Co-founder and CEO
The advancement in digital technology and the convergence of cloud, social media and mobile has revolutionized the models and techniques to do retail business and enhance sales. Digitally connected customers, now not only demand for seamless web user experience from in-store but also expect to be recognized for their loyalty in the form of personalized offers. In this redefined marketplace, retailers have gained far more cloud-based agility than the brick and mortar stores. However, they still require appropriate technologies to help businesses grow rapidly over a short period, enhancing customer experience across all channels. In this landscape where retailers are in search of a seamless cloud platform to accelerate business imperatives, Springboard Retail, a cloud-based POS and retail management solution provider, supports growing multi-channel, multi-site retail enterprises to sell more, smartly.

“Our retail platform with robust applications is mounted on the cloud, opening doors for businesses to open, upgrade and expand,” says Gordon Russell, Founder and CEO, Springboard Retail. The company’s cloud point of sale (POS) is a web based platform, offering intuitive interface compatible with iPads, Macs and PCs. Springboard Retail extends the benefits of easy to use dashboard, which delivers statistics about their customers purchase history and preferences at the click of a button. This platform provides the necessary features of a POS from item entry via scan, to customer creation and lookup including sales representative tracking, multi-store inventory lookup, gift card issuance and redemption, sales tax calculation and collection. To upgrade the platform, the company has partnered with leading payment processing partners to deliver PCI compliant credit card processing within its POS system. In addition, Springboard Retail’s sales dashboard generates reminders to process orders and makes calls for customer follow up, and drives sales by presenting key performance metrics in real time.

Our retail platform with robust applications is mounted on the cloud, opening doors for businesses to open, upgrade and expand

Taking sales and reporting to a new level, Springboard Retail empowers sales associates with customer metrics to make intelligent product recommendations, boosting customer relationship. This entirely takes place within the company’s cloud supported customer dashboard, which makes it easy and simple to collect customer data needed at the POS, and sends out targeted marketing and promotional campaigns. As inventory visibility across a client’s enterprise is critical, Springboard Retail allows them to view the inventory status and comprehensive history of any item across all of their stores to quickly and easily move merchandise between store locations, according to the rising demand.

Springboard leverages the cloud to provide the tools to entrust retailers with the real time information that will assist them increase sales, profitably. For instance, Scout & Molly’s, a women’s fashion boutique franchise chose Springboard Retail as their all-in-one cloud POS and retail management solution provider for its efficiency in opening new locations, customizability to meet their specific needs, and robust customer, inventory, and sales reporting. “We chose Springboard Retail because of the customizability of the software, its reporting capabilities allowing us to look deeply into our business, and the cloud-based platform so we can access key data from anywhere,” says founder and COO, Lisa Kornstein.

Since every customer is different, Springboard Retail enables retailers to design their own items and customer management programs. The company has launched a channel partner program designed to help technology businesses better target local, regional, and national retailers by offering an end-to-end solution. “The Springboard Retail Partner Program is another step in our company’s growth, and supports the industry’s urgent move from legacy systems to the cloud,” concludes Russell, Springboard Retail.