Artha Systems: Single Integrated Solution for All the Retail Operations

Artha Systems: Single Integrated Solution for All the Retail Operations

Venku Mandalap, President, Artha Systems LLCVenku Mandalap, President
The scope of change in the retail industry is astonishing. Globalization, technological innovations, multiple-shopping channels, and an increasingly well-informed and mobile consumer base are shifting the means, modes, and manner in which retail business is carried out. To be attuned with today’s business environment, retailers need to build consumer profiles from numerous sources and gain actionable insights from advanced analytics to influence customers’ purchasing decisions. In addition, the retail sector needs to have real-time visibility into their entire supply chain to incorporate on-demand customer-centric models— making products available at the time a buyer wants. “Finding a system in the marketplace that meets businesses’ needs as a whole is not easy,” states Venku Mandalap, President of Artha Systems.

Coming to the rescue is Artha Systems, a New Jersey-based company, which leverages cloud technology to support end-to-end business processes, helping retailers function efficiently. The firm’s solution offers real-time visibility across the global supply chain and system-wide transparency at all times. It seamlessly integrates inventory, point of sale, vendor management, warehousing, eCommerce, shipping and accounts into one complete solution for the management of business operations. Furthermore, Artha’s software seamlessly integrates with an organization’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. “Artha’s cloud-based SaaS model software is easy to deploy and easy to use for retailers,” says Mandalap. “Since industry and customer demands are changing every day, we at Artha Systems ensure our software solutions are updated to the latest technological demands.” In addition, Artha’s solutions allow businesses to fully integrate a comprehensive set of modules to support operations, customers, vendors, government, and employees with no additional cost to operate and perform transactions in lightning-fast speed with real-time information.

Our research and development constantly strives to simplify business processes and release updates

Artha Systems’ retail product, Luminous, enables businesses to create their own eCommerce website and manages social media, logistics, discounts and the shipping aspects of business— with no technical help. It also features Cloud ERP that includes vendor management, inventory management, stock management, and reporting, business intelligence, and analysis. Galaxy is the other product that Artha offers, which gives all the features of Luminous but also provides businesses the added advantages of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), order management, and advanced finance and accounting modules. Universe, designed for large scale businesses, is completely customizable with high level integration with legacy systems.

The company owns its own Data Center and hosts its customers’ applications within a single or multi-tenant environment based on each customer’s preference. Artha has implemented its solutions in multiple businesses of various sizes to reduce complexity and simplify business processes. “Upon deployment, we have seen the users function very effectively within a week’s time. The single source design quickly identifies data errors,” adds Mandalap. With Artha’s integrated product and multiple offerings with a single source code, businesses benefit with real time transactions to inform decision-making. There is no capital cost to a business, since Artha Systems offers solutions on a monthly subscription basis. “Our research and development constantly strives to simplify business processes and release updates to benefit the businesses with no additional cost. Our vision is to be recognized as the most valuable partner of all businesses by creating an atmosphere that enables business to have the freedom to become successful,” concludes Mandalap.