Retailcloud: Creating Dynamic POS Systems

Retailcloud: Creating Dynamic POS Systems

Kevin Colaco, Founder, retailcloudKevin Colaco, Founder
The days of expensive, proprietary, hard-to-maintain, and unreliable Point Of Sale (POS) systems are numbered. There is a significant adoption of cloud-based POS systems among retailers to stay Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) compliant. The use of cloud-based POS will relieve retailers from high upfront costs, upgrades management, software glitches, and downtime of traditional POS. Retailers can benefit from predictable costs, automatic data integrity preservation, and the ability to access the system via a mobile device. retailcloud is a cloud-based POS solution that is easy to implement and inexpensive for small and mid-sized businesses. “We provide retailers a way to increase sales, better manage inventory, collect valuable data on the shopping habits of their customers, and more,” states Kevin Colaco, Founder and CEO, retailcloud.

The Concord, CA based company renders robust and cloud-based POS applications that include access to a URL-based back office system that the retailers can access anytime, anywhere through retailcloud’s server. retailcloud’s tablet POS is an Android application with cart and clienteling options that can be used on the floor or at the counter. Its features include tip processing, Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The app can be integrated with Star and Epson emulation printers and supports USB, Bluetooth, and IP printing. The Mobile POS application is integrated with Blue Bamboo Bluetooth printers and Shuttle as well as UniMag readers, while supporting encrypted transactions.

retailcloud’s mInventory application makes collecting initial inventory a breeze. “Through mInventory, you can not only visualize your products in your mobile devices, but these items can be immediately sent to your back office system,” affirms Colaco.

We provide retailers a way to increase sales, better manage inventory, and collect valuable data on the shopping habits of their customers

“The device will then show you what competitors are selling the products for, which can be useful in staying ahead of the competition.” In addition to mInventory, for an enterprise customer, the Inventory Manager Application assists the warehouse staff in managing all inventory functions including receiving cycle counts, write offs, and inventory transfers.

Apart from Android applications, retailcloud also provides Windows based applications like Desktop POS and Centralized Admin Server (CAS). “We refer to Windows Desktop POS as our Enterprise solution,” says Colaco. “It is full of powerful features that merchants can adapt right away or learn to use in time.” On the other hand, CAS is a back office browser-based portal to manage all the inventory, purchasing, employee, and reporting functions. Enterprise customers can also use this to manage their supply chain and have access to predictive reordering.

retailcloud’s skedool is an intuitive, simple scheduling application for appointment booking. Accessed via URL, skedool is easy to update from anywhere with an internet connection and the users can easily schedule, update, or cancel appointments from the same screen. It creates and manages appointments for several employees across stores and monitors day-to-day activities to optimize staffing needs. skedool also enables integration of appointments from CRM to POS and provides customized comments for each future appointment made by a customer.

In the future, retailcloud seeks to strengthen its global network by building partnerships in the retail arena. With such focus, retailcloud will continue to offer POS solutions that will ultimately result in great customer experiences. The company believes in the power of customer relationship, as they expect it to turn browsers into buyers, and buyers into repeat customers.