[NASDAQ:SPRT]: Driving Enhanced Shopper's Journey
retailciooutlook [NASDAQ:SPRT]: Driving Enhanced Shopper's Journey

Elizabeth Cholawsky, President & CEO, Support.comElizabeth Cholawsky, President & CEO
The key to increasing customer loyalty is a hassle-free customer experience. However, as consumers have increasingly started relying on connected devices, there lies an inherent web of technological complexities, which significantly hinders a shopper’s journey within the entire retail space—starting from consideration, to purchasing, until the final stage of advocacy. “If this complexity is not effectively addressed, it can drive a wedge between the brand and its customers. Companies now understand that every customer touch point is an opportunity or vulnerability for their brands,” points out Alex Poulos, VP of Marketing, Support. com [NASDAQ:SPRT]. With a steadfast campaign to play a lead role in changing the nature of support for customers, delivers cloud-based software and services for the brands in connected technology industries. “We help them at every stage of the product or service experience, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and brand loyalty,” says Elizabeth Cholawsky, President and CEO, offers software and support services that enable retailers to enhance consumer relationships, boosting their customer retention rates, and thereby generating newer revenue streams. The customer-focused retail solution provider, based in Redwood City, CA drives customer’s value with a two-forked approach—Cloud Agent Support (Nexus) and technology support services programs through both mobile and desktop apps.

Hosted on the cloud, the Nexus Agent Support software helps retailers to heighten agent productivity, by providing systematic troubleshooting procedures to resolve complex technology-related support tickets. The Nexus software for support agents mimics the function of GPS-enabled smartphones for users by guiding agents to solve end-user technical problems. The solution is backed by an easy-to-use interface, which makes it simple for support agents to integrate Guided Paths—modular, snap-together problem resolution workflows—that will inform customers on the best practices of its support organization.

The Guided Paths Designer is an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that provides a quick way to build, analyze, update and manage Guided Paths

Guided Paths simplifies the complex business-process workflow by replacing systematic techniques, complete with up-to-date knowledge and effective methods that support representatives and subject matter experts. “The Guided Paths Designer is an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that provides a quick way to build, analyze, update and manage Guided Paths, ensuring relevant, up-to-date information across support channels,” adds Elizabeth.

Through a set of dashboards and scorecard system, delivers a powerful data analysis and customer satisfaction metrics tool—Interaction Analytics, which has the ability to track through the steps of every support interaction. The analytics tool provides customers with the information that they require to continually optimize their Guided Paths library.’s product line is backed by a set of technology support service programs conducted by Personal Technology Experts and Business Technology Experts, delivering innovative methods to improve customer satisfaction. The experts integrate with’s proprietary, highly sophisticated cloud-based software to provide branded service experiences to earn enhanced customer satisfaction scores. Along with providing turnkey premium tech support programs for retailers across the U.S., Support. com also provides zero-inventory model, which effectively optimizes merchandising.

Serving a prolific clientele in the retail space, shows continuous improvements, by introducing a number of product enhancements on its existing software. The vendor is all set to make Guided Paths directly available to customers seeking self-service support via Nexus Self-Support. This will allow Nexus to assist support teams with highly complex workflow logics, by incorporating decision points, or branching logic into Guided Paths, which enable consumers to chat or call for professional support, resulting in reduced customer effort and frustration.