Webcollage: SaaS Platform to Drive Higher Conversions

Webcollage: SaaS Platform to Drive Higher Conversions

CIO VendorJohn Federman, CEO
Technology trends such as cloud computing, enterprise mobility, and Internet of Things (IoT) in the retail space are driving retailers and manufacturers leave no stone unturned to augment customers’ buying experiences. Amid the constantly evolving climate of technology, it is imperative for retail organizations to remain in sync with the industry transformations. “Many retailers find it difficult to keep up with the ever-changing product launches, concepts, features, and functionalities,” says John Federman, CEO, Webcollage. Taking cue from this scenario, Webcollage was established to address the pain points around e-commerce businesses. Today, the company stands out with its innovative Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) platform that helps retailers eliminate manual processes.

The New York-based Webcollage's SaaS-based platform, Content Publisher, allows manufacturers to bring all of their assets including brand-building materials into the SaaS-based template to create content, and publish broadly. “Content Publisher is a template-based SaaS platform that provides retailers the opportunity to deliver their content across entire retail channel quickly and efficiently,” briefs Federman.

Additionally, Webcollage guides retailers through a path that helps them deliver the right kind of products to fulfill specific requirements of the consumers. The company supports one of the largest discount retailers in the U.S., Target Corporation serve its consumers efficeiently. “When a consumer finds products on target.com, Webcollage makes sure that the product content is engaging and accurate and enables the consumers to transact with confidence based on the information presented,” explains Federman. “Providing more complete content can benefit retailers with an average of 12.8 percent in conversion rate.”

Furthermore, Webcollage aids manufactures to demonstrate brand specifications by providing them the ability to change product features, functionalities, pricing, and bundling in terms of other products and solutions.

Content Publisher is a template-based SaaS platform that provides retailers the opportunity to deliver their content across their entire retail channel quickly and efficiently

The company helps manufactures leverage SaaS platform to deliver real-time information to the consumers, rather than having to distribute it to each individual retailer, one by one. “Manufacturers want as much as detailed, rich product information as possible and all these requirements can be catered through Webcollage’s business model,” affirms Federman.

Content Publisher is coupled with a feature called the Product Selective, which facilitates retailers to deliver usage-based questions to the consumers and guide them into a sales panel, based on their responses to provide right product suggestions. “For instance, when Neutrogena, a Johnson & Johnson company was introduced in Target, the manufacturer could enter a series of questions such as: Is your skin oily or dry? What’s your eye color? Do you have acne?” explains Federman. As soon as the consumers respond to these questions, they receive recommendations on the right kind of products that are suitable to them. Content Publisher also has some of the incremental functionalities such as Image Plus and 360 degree view that allow consumers to easily understand the features of the products.

Webcollage actively participates in ongoing discussions that emphasize on different elements, which help both retailers and manufacturers drive higher sales conversions. “We spend more time with consumers, retailers, and manufacturers to help them keep the products relevant across entire retail channel,” says Federman.

Having the lion’s share of retailers globally—including Target and Walmart, Webcollage intends to become a truly global company by driving an international footprint. “We look forward to collaborate with more number of retailers and leverage analytics to optimize content to drive higher conversions,” concludes Federman